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Ekalavya Hansaj Founder of Quarterly Global

Quarterly Global’s Ekalavya Hansaj is on the hunt for Smart Home startups

Ekalavya Hansaj is best known as the founder of Quarterly Global, a high performance marketing and advertising company that specializes in launching  high growth startups, growth marketing, marketing strategy, revenue growth, product fit, branding, analytics and data, online advertising and digital transition that runs on the backdrop of AI. 

I spoke to him last week about the roles he plays in hunting Smart Home startups globally. Our discussions led us to various aspects about the way AI is helping shape the next generation of smart home products. We chatted further about the role our environment plays in helping individuals mould themselves and how the world wide web should never allow any form of online bullying. 

Michelle Belsare: Do you follow a marketing and revenue focused framework while evaluating prospective investments? 

Ekalavya Hansaj: I believe revenue and profit growth is the most important aspect of the existence of any company. That’s the eventual goal so why not focus on your brand authority and revenue growth. Consumers are more aware and its less about the technology on which anything is built and rather about products consumers can relate to. 

While evaluating an opportunity I ask myself, “will it be around 3 years down the line?” Or to put it in simple terms if the consumers will continue loving the next launches in the product line. 

Something like how people relate more to Time magazines “100 most influential” section than similar awards in the category. 

Scalability with respect to revenue, growth rate, product launches, brand authority etc is another focus area for me. Something like, Like can the startup reach its target audience even if it stops burning millions of dollars in advertising budget. 

Your wife Anjali Hansaj told me about your thought-breaking views on how you decide the next startup to invest in. Tell me about that approach and how it has helped you make smart decisions in the Smart Home, Marketing and media space. 

I think and act upon the idea that life is always on the wire and things are always either black or white for me. There is nothing grey involved anymore. You can separate it into two use cases. And that’s applicable on life and the way you live it. 

Use cases around my life would be, “Life as a Journey” or “Life as a habit”. Similarly, I look at potential opportunities as a product or an addictive habit. 

If the startup differentiates itself as a product then I think about possible ways in which it can become a daily aspect of our lifestyle. The product has to be an extension of daily lifestyle of the targeted audience. 

I have an important story from my life which changed a lot of things. My back was against the wall. I was newly married and had just come out from my worst which wasn’t over yet as my mother-in-law passed away. I kept hustling during those times too and it soon became a habit. So habit is critically important for me whenever I assess an opportunity. I visualize few years down the line in terms of how the technology is going to shift and if the competitors are capable enough of thinking multiple steps ahead in advance. 

More like Can the entrepreneur, “burn their competitors down”? This aspect of assessment is primarily about finding out if the entrepreneurs have it in them to be ruthless if it comes to transactional aspects of growth. 

Any solid words of advice to fans who look up to you as a source of inspiration? 

Make the good aspects of life a habit. Startup founders must focus on transactional aspects of growth. Don’t waste your time perfecting the product. Ask yourself if you can sell millions of products. If the answer is yes then go about perfecting your product. 

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